I will explain it for sure. If you do not want to hear it, think it is a radio.
1. Install necessary add-ons.
Although it is not essential, I hope you can create a new user profile if possible. For safety. You can find out how to make it yourself.
· AutoPagerize or something similar
I am using weAutoPagerize.
· Gresemonkey or something similar
I am using Tampermonkey.
· Stylish or something similar
I am using Stylus.
· Hatena Bookmark
It is necessary to secure the URL of the site. It's the same as before.
· Multiple Paste and Go Button
It is necessary to open the URL of the site.
· Copy All Tab Urls WE
It is necessary to copy the URL of the image.

2. Install user script and CSS
Here are the bottom two.
Usually, if you do not turn off image_key_set, only images will be displayed on any page, so be careful.

3. As usual, let AutoPageirze function until you see googlenews and want a preview.
If it is too much, wait time will increase after this, so moderately.Please close tabs other than Google News.

4. Run bookmarkletA
Run it from the console or scratch pad as before. A small text area should have been created on the page.

5. Copy the URL from the generated text area
Please enlarge the text area. The URL of each site should be listed.

6. Open the URL by clicking the Multiple Paste and Go Button icon on the toolbar
A lot of sites open at once, but do not panic.

7. Wait until each site changes to an image
It is sensuously about 1 minute or so. Of course it depends on the environment. I think it will get frustrating but calm down.

8. Click the Copy All Tab Urls WE icon on the tool bar to copy the image URL
Please check if there are any URLs other than images. The top is the Google News URL so please omit it.

9. Clear the text area used in 5 and paste the URL of the image copied with 8

10. Let bookmarkletB work
I'll put the URL again.
The image should be displayed.

Thank you for seeing so far. I wonder if you could see the image well.